Trek Day 5

13.8 miles, Razorback Campsite to Russo Landing trail end

Paddling Environment – "Lakes"

The final day of Trek 2 is Day 5's "Lakes." Depending on the directions and intensity of wind in the swamp, the day can be a glassy smooth paddle to the finish line, or a daunting challenge. The day begins by paddling through two narrow bayous before entering Duck Lake, a two mile wide lake know as being a habitat for hundreds of large wading birds. As the day continues, crews mush paddle through Big Bayou Joe and Dog Island Pass before reaching Flat Lake. At 3.1-miles, Flat Lake serves as the last hurdle that crews must navigate before reaching the trail end and conquering the swamp.

Once crews arrive at the Russo Landing after having paddled 75.0-miles through the most intense wilderness in the country, Scouts will have memories and accomplishments to cherish for a lifetime!

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