Trek Day 2

12.2 miles, Grand River Campsite to Bayou Sorrel Campsite with Sandlot Portage and Green Mile Portage

Paddling Environment – "Oilfields"

Day 2's paddle is the shortest and easiest of the entire trek. The waterways paddled on Day 2 are generally straight, due to oil and gas companies having created narrow, shady canals in the swamp to simplify the extraction process. What Day 2 lacks in distance, in makes up for with two major variables... the Sandlot Portage and the daunting Green Mile Portage.

The difficulty of both portages is dependent on the amount of water in the swamp. When water levels are high, the land disappears and the portages can be easily paddled or floated. However, when the water is low, the portages grow in distance quite rapidly, with the Green Mile Portage stretching to 2,500 feet of muddy trail! There's a reason that the halfway mark of the Green Mile Portage has been nicknamed "Tapout Point."

Note: The Green Mile Portage can be excessively muddy and difficult. Boots are required to complete this portage, as regualr shoes will not stay on. Physical conditioning prior to arriving is highly recommended.

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